Motorcycle USA

Motorcycle USA anouncend an article about the electric motorcycle study Honda OREE.

Review: "Yet there was one electric design that stood out in our minds, the Honda Oree. A naked street bike concept, the diminutive scale model size of the Oree does not diminish its big ideas. [...]"

"Readers may remember the big Honda news at the 2008 INTERMOT Bike Show in Cologne was the unveiling of its V-Four concept bike. More akin to a sculpture than a functional ride, the wild-looking V-Four concept got top billing. Sure, the Oree is a scale model, but it looks like a more finished product and in pure creativity, the college kids may have bested Big Red at INTERMOT."

Please take a look at motorcycle USA's website to see their full review:

Motorcycle USA's article about the Honda OREE


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