AFL Track - Nicolai

The Nicolai Track was launched to broaden the spectrum of the Nicolai product range, to verify the customers interest and to check the characteristics of the gates carbon belt drive under continous load in a velodrome.

The Germany-based manufacture is typically known for its fondly handcrafted and precisely finished downhill oriented mountainbikes. Of course for every enterprise, and even more for manufacturers with a die-hard constituency, it is inevitable to sensitively regard the marked and the customers behaviour to modulate the strategic orientation towards expectable demands.

With the track-project the aim to think ahead and show a different way to integrate two new aspects into the Nicolai product range appeared. The frame was designed to fit the requirements of the gates drive as well as those of the velodrome. Thus the frame was laid-out for high torsional and lateral stiffness to achieve a extremely direct energy conversion and a well-defined response. In order to sustain the Nicolai-specific expression an aerodynamic revision did not take place.

The seat tube plays an integral role in the overall load transmission thus the frame was designed for an end-to-end seat mast with a integrated low offset Ritchey Stubby WCS. The handling of the bike was adjusted to fit the track-needs - thus the whole geometry and especially the angle of the headset, the seat tube, the wheel clearance, the ergonomic components and of course the Reynolds DV46 Wheelset and OUZO Pro Track Fork (not displayed) were early taken into consideration. To fit different needs and to increase the number of possible settings, some parts (like the adjustable dropouts, a spacerkit for the drivetrain and some more) have been constructed and manufactured.

The composition of the components was part of the project as well. The unusual (but to many people very appealing) aesthetics of the bike is due to the non-smoothened frame with its professionally executed welding seams. The shot-blasted frame with its titanium anodized shade contrasts in a perfect way with the high-gloss finished fork, the SRAM Force UD crank and the silk-mat UD wheelset.


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