L1R - Suzuki

When Suzuki introduced the TL1000R on the market, shortly the first recalls worked a circuit. After a number of problems with the suspension system of the newly introduced bike, even the prestige of the fabulous engine passed by. The whole bike was laid out to fit the needs of professional world class motorsports in the international Superbike WM. The engine produced 10 hp more than comparable ducati-engines, the frame and the swingarm had several setup options, but the rear radial damper (uncommon type of rear suspension) seemed to be a problem.

In 2004 I started to find a TL1000R in its original condition to have a adequate matter for the upcoming L1R project. The first goal was to find a solution for the disqualificated damping-system; the second goal was to reduce the wet weight to a dadicated level (similar to 600cc sportbikes - with all the advantages in handling and riding dynamics); in third to elicit the engines potential in a moderate way. The weigt of the L1R was decreased by 39 kg - the engines power was increased by 14 hp. More information soon to come.


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